The Cult Favorite Soap

For centuries, the luxury of French-milled soaps has remained the gold standard of excellence. Not all French soaps are created equal. Every time you begin to lather a French made soap, you enter a time and place where quality and craftsmanship have stood still. Let us introduce you to our Cult Favorite Soaps. 

Traditional French soap is triple-milled to produce a completely uniform and smooth soap, without impurities, thus lasting longer. Every bar of Pre de provence soap is not only carefully made today by dedicated soap makers in Provence following their proud traditions, but quad-milled to be smoother and have a richer lather to create our luxurious feel. Using all pure, natural ingredients enriched with shea butter, you can feel the difference of our unique quad milling-process. Aromatic fragrances transport you to a moment of calmness, vitality, dreaming, or well- being.

Our soaps are made with pure essential oils, with no animal testing and are free of parabens, ethyl alcohol, phenoxyethanol, and DEA. 

With an array of never-ending scents handcrafted and made with great care in Provence, it's no wonder that our hand-milled soaps have become so well known and loved. A few favorites include Patchouli (woody, earthy, musky), Sandalwood (creamy, soft, smooth), Provence (masculine, warm spice), Laurel (citrus), Rosemary Mint (fresh, herbaceous), and Lavender (comforting, classic). 

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 For a full round up of our classic soaps including scents in Citrus, Fruity, Gourmand, Aromatic, and Floral visit our signature hand cut soaps here

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5 Ways to Experience Affordable Luxury

Luxury doesn't have to mean exorbitant. We want you to experience luxury without the financial setbacks.  


At Pre de Provence, we are promoters of the finer things in life, however, we understand that the finer things in life are often not in the budget. We believe that  natural beauty should be an everyday, affordable luxury that doesn't have to break the bank.  You deserve to be pampered on a daily basis so we've come up with five ways you can experience affordable luxury. 

1. Spa Day from Home

Take a Sunday and focus the entire day on self care and relaxation. Sleep in, wake to natural sunlight, stay away from your phone, and put some lemon in your water to help you stay energized and hydrated. Start the day with a refreshing shower with our Eaux Fraiches Shower Gel for a soft cleanse while the uplifting spa scents fill your bathroom. For a delicate, soft cleanse, try our Rose De Mai Shower Gel, leaving skin soft to the touch. 

Then move on to moisturizing. We recommend our milk and verbena body lotions that are enriched with Vitamin E and Shea Butter, which will hydrate and nourish your skin.

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Once you have moisturized and feel soft to the touch, settle into a good book, make a delicious lunch, and enjoy the rest of your relaxing day. 

2. Luxurious Bubble Bath 

If it's been a long, stressful day and you need something to make it feel less like a weekday, fill the tub and soak your worries away. For the full effect, compliment your bath with French wine, macaroons, flowers, hand crafted bar soap, scented candles, and bath salts. For an extra touch of luxury and comfort, add our Microfibre Luxury Bath Pillow, which is the perfect size for any bathtub. 

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3. Stay in Bed

Sometimes it is okay to do nothing for an entire day. Allow yourself a day to rest and relax before your busy schedule starts again. Bring your breakfast to your bed, read magazines, watch your favorite, old movies (our go to actress is Audrey Hepburn), write in your journal, drink your coffee or tea, listen to a few albums--whatever it is you love doing. While doing all these soothing activities, enjoy the luxury of fragrant bed sheets with our Lavender Blossoms and Lavender Linen Water with Sprayer. Simply place or spray the fragrance on whatever garments you wish to delicately give a sweet, calming scent.  

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4. Handcut Soaps Created in Provence

Luxury can be as simple as consistently using a product that is high quality and made with care. A Pre de Provence favorite is our Signature French Milled Soaps. With endless scents (rose petal, rosemary mint, jasmine, sandalwood, wildflower--just to name a few) and all natural ingredients enriched with Shea Butter, our handcrafted soaps from Provence add a little luxury to any day. Click here to shop all of our scents.  

 5. Luxury for Men 

Finally, let's not forget that men deserve to be pampered too. A classic way for men to experience luxury is through a good shave. To many, shaving is an art. It's a way to get ready for the day and feel some relaxation and comfort in the process. Pre de Provence understands this and that's why we've composed an entire collection dedicated to that care and luxury that men need. 

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Luxury doesn't have to be a far off, rare occurrence. With the right mindset and proper tools, everyday luxury can become an integral part of any routine! To view our entire collection of everyday luxuries, click here

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The Power of Lavender

Explore the soothing effects of lavender oil and fragrances handcrafted in Provence, France. 

Lavender is a lovely, soft way to add fragrance and soothing effects to any home. It's likely you have heard about the calming effects of essential oils, but maybe aren't sure if they are for you. Lavender oil is a wonderful way to dip your toes into the world of essential oils.

Lavender soothes with its herbaceous, calming fragrance directly from the fields of Provence. Lavender essential oil has been noted to play a role in better sleep, stress and anxiety relief, proper hair care, strong immune systems, and overall relaxation. Lavender oil can be used topically or aromatically to create a sense of well-being. If you're curious to try essential oil, we recommend giving our lavender essential oil a chance. Click here to view


If you're not sure about essential oils, but love the scent and aroma of lavender, we also offer ample lavender products for every need. Delicately fragrance your home with dried lavender blossoms from our Maison French Lavender Blossoms Bulk Pack. These are perfect for making a home feel more intimate and relaxing--an oasis for relaxation and clarity. Get the fresh scent of lavender on your linens by simply filling a steam iron or lightly misting sheets and pillows every time you wish to experience the soft, calming fragrance of Provencal lavender. To shop these items, click here and here.  




Spend the night in and rejuvenate your senses and sooth your muscles with a restorative bath of aromatic Mediterranean sea salts with our Lavender bath salts.  Pure essential lavender oil has been added to enhance your perfect bath and relax your mind. To add to the ambiance, light one of our Lavender Candles to experience the calming lavender fragrance with our soy blend wax candle that burns for up to 50 hours. Finish the night off with Lavender body lotion that is enriched with shea butter and vitamin E.
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We hope these products and ideas will inspire you to embrace lavender and lead a more relaxing life. To shop the entire Lavender Collection, click here

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Winter Skin Survival Guide

Keep your skin feeling soft and moisturized all winter long with our Shea Butter Collection.


Winter is coming. Don't let dry skin sneak up on you. Do yourself a favor and come prepared with our Shea Butter Collection. Shea butter is a unique gift from nature that is ultra rich, yet gentle, providing deep healing, moisturizing, and protection of skin, hair, cuticles, and lips. Your winter survival guide starts right here, broken down simply just for you. 

Shea Butter Hand Cream

It's no secret that dry hands are popular during colder seasons. To combat this side effect of winter, treat your hard working hands with our rich, skin caring 20% Shea Butter hand creams. You can choose from lavender, original, and verbena. Don't want to choose? Take them all with our Midnight Garden Hand Cream Trio

Shop hand creams: 


100% Pure Shea Butter 

If dry skin is something you often struggle with and winter just adds fuel to the fire, we recommend our 100% Pure Shea Butter for nourishing, soothing, and healing. Apply it wherever--face, feet, hair--anywhere that needs attention.


Body Butter and Bar Soap

Get rejuvenated this winter with body butter that you can apply wherever, especially problem areas like elbows and knees. Get instant dry skin relief. Try it in lavender or unscented. If you want just a little Shea Butter added to your daily life, try our 20% Shea Handcut Soap in lavender and original

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For the Men 

Don't forget the men in your life who may need a little extra something to get them through this winter. We offer Shea Butter beard oils infused with organic sunflower oil, liquid shea butter, sweet almond oil, and vitamin E. Keep that beard soft and shiny during No Shave November.We also offer quad-milled moisturizing Sage Cube Soap.    

Shop Men's Options:



There you have it. All the essentials you need for this coming winter season. To browse the entire Shea Butter collection, click here

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Keep Your Skin Healthy with Argan Oil

There's a good chance you have heard about a miracle oil called Argan Oil. If you're not sure what to think about it, have no fear because we are here to break it down for you and let you know why you'll love our Argan oil soaps, mists, body butters, creams, and more! 

Used for centuries as a beauty ritual by women in Morocco, this ultra-moisturizing beauty miracle provides healthy radiance everywhere it is applied from hair to skin. Everyday skin is exposed to free radical stressors that rob skin of needed nutrients to help keep skin rejuvenated. These can stem from things as simple as pollution, sunlight, poor diet, and even stress. Unfortunately, these aren't always things we can control. But don't fret; there's a solution! Antioxidants help protect your skin from free radicals. Argan Oil is abundant in antioxidants needed to help neutralize these effects. Argan Oil also helps to soften and moisturize skin for a radiant glow. 

When you use our Argan and Shea Butter Lavender Soap you will be greeted with double the hydrating, nourishing, and protective benefits while cleansing. Our quad-milled, hand-cut soap comes equipped with both of nature's super moisturizing ingredients to give you the ultimate skin indulgence, which will leave you feeling relaxed and serene. For a closer look, click here

Looking for a specific face wash? Try our nourishing Argan cleansing oil. Not only will it gently cleanse your skin, but it also moisturizes it at the same time. This lathering oil contains the natural soothing benefits of argan oil for skin to feel instantly hydrated. It even doubles as a shaving lotion that will leave your skin feeling silky soft. Click here for a better look. 

Now that the first day of fall has arrived, your dry hands may need a little love and attention. Treat yourself all season long with Argan Lavender hand cream that is combined with Shea Butter and Vitamin E to leave your hands hydrated and healthy. Click here for more information.


The Argan Oil used in our products even supports a Moroccan charitable organization named Marocavie. Marocavie helps to protect the Argan Forest, improve the socio-economic development of women, plus supports the education of their children. Supporting a good cause and treating your skin to the care it deserves? Can't get better than that!

To shop the entire collection, click here

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A French Girl's Secret Guide to Skincare

Six beauty secrets a true Parisienne will always recommend. Keep your skin looking young and healthy with these insider tips and tricks.

#1. They understand the importance of skin moisture

Keep your skin healthy and soft using 20% Shea Butter Hand Cream. It can be used all over on the face and body; nose, hair, lips, toes - anywhere that needs moisturizing. Properly hydrated skin keep you looking years younger, and who doesn't want that!

#2. They know drinking water is key

Doctors recommend drinking 8 ounces of water a day. Drinking plenty of H2O keeps your body and skin hydrated and youthful. Having trouble drinking your water? Try adding fruit, natural flavors or even ACV if you're brave enough for additional weight-losing properties. 

#3. They know the secret of using dry oil mists

Keep your skin silky-smooth by gently misting a Dry Oil Body Mist on your legs, arms, hands or anywhere that needs extra moisture. Find a dry oil mist that contains vitamin e and argan oil for extra nourishment.

#4. They never leave the house without applying perfume

For a lot of women, their perfume is a part of their identity and they wouldn't dream of leaving the house without it. Apply perfume on your pulse points (wrists or behind the ears) so that your body's natural heat warms it up and develops it's own notes and character. 

#5. They put value on natural over synthetic scents

To maintain healthy and beautiful skin, the French know it's important to take care with what you use. When it comes to soaps or perfumes, naturally derived scents from actual flowers, herbs or spices not only make bathing or pampering all the more luxurious, but healing and nourishing to your body (like this line of authentic french soaps).

#6. They nourish their skin with antioxidants and vitamin e

Every day skin is exposed to free radical stressors (i.e. pollution, sunlight, poor diet and stress) that rob skin of needed nutrients to help keep skin rejuvenated. Antioxidants help protect your skin from free radicals. Argan Oil is abundant in antioxidants needed to help neutralize these effects. This skincare line not only smells wonderful, but is abundant in Argan Oil.



20% Shea Butter Hand Cream - original

20% Shea Butter Cream - Original

Shea Butter Hand Cream - Verbena

20% Shea Butter Cream - Verbena

Shea Butter Hand cream - Lavender

20% Shea Butter Cream - Lavender

Argan Hand Cream

Pure Argan Hand Cream

Sweet Orange Dry Body Mist

Argan Sweet Orange Dry Oil

Argan Lavender Dry Oil

Lavender Argan Dry Oil

Milk Soap Bar

Milk Soap Bar

Provence Soap Bar

Provence Soap Bar

Lavender Soap Bar

Lavender Soap Bar



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An inside look into the Marseille Soap Factory

For centuries, the luxury of French-milled soaps has remained the gold standard of excellence. Each time you begin to lather a French made soap, you enter a time and place where quality and craftsmanship have stood still. 

Traditional French soap is triple-milled to produce a completely uniform and smooth soap, without impurities, thus lasting longer.  

 Every bar of Pré de Provence soap is not only carefully made today by dedicated soapmakers in Provence following their proud traditions, but quad-milled to be smoother and have a rich lather to create our luxurious feel. 

 Using all pure, natural ingredients enriched with shea butter, you can feel the difference of our unique quad-milling process. Aromatic fragrances transport you to a moment of calmness, vitality, dreaming or well-being. 





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Skin Benefits of Shea Butter: The Ultimate Moisturizer


In central Africa, the karité tree flourishes remarkably amid harsh, arid conditions. Sometimes called the "tree of life" for its many beneficial uses, it yields a nut containing the natural fat, (butyrospermum parkii) shea butter. One of nature's most effective moisturizers, shea butter is ultra rich yet gentle, providing deep healing, moisturizing and protection of skin, hair, cuticles and lips.  

Pré de Provence is proud to make natural shea butter a key ingredient in many of our products, offering a soothing, softening gift from nature.



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Who We Are

Created from the finest of natural ingredients, Pré de Provence products are meticulously fashioned in Provence by French artisans following traditions established generations ago. Extreme pride and care are the foundation for everything we create, upholding the quality, artistry and authenticity demanded of products "Made in France."

Nature casts a magical spell on this haven in southern France, nestled between sky-reaching mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. The skies shine blue, endless mineral-rich waters sparkle, and verdant meadows abound with fragrant treasures of lavender, wildflowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables. Just breathing the wonderful scents in the air brings peace and tranquility. It is these fragrances we infuse into our products so that you may experience this Magic of Provence. Indulge yourself in a full range of skin nourishing Bath and Body products created using the purest vegetable ingredients, rich Shea Butter, Organic Argan Oil, or even sun-cured Sea Salt. 

We believe that experiencing natural beauty should be an everyday, affordable luxury. And every product should be as authentically French as Pré de Provence.


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