Spa Privé

Create a spa in the comfort of your own home. A complete selection of natural bath and personal care products to enhance your ‘private spa’ moments. Use alone or with your favorite Urbana scent collection for a more comprehensive experience.
32 results
Spa Prive - Wooden Foot File
Spa Prive - Loofah In The Raw
Spa Prive - Volcanic Pumice Stone
Spa Prive - Satin Eye Pillow W/Lavender
Spa Prive - Soap Mitt Bamboo
Spa Prive - Exfoliating Gloves
Spa Prive Facial Soap Bar - Charcoal
Spa Prive Facial Soap Bar - Egg White
Spa Prive Facial Soap Bar - Pink Clay
Spa Prive - Bamboo Hair Band
Spa Prive - Bamboo Hair Wrap
Spa Prive - Shower Cap
Spa Prive - Cellulite Brush
Spa Prive - Bamboo Pouf
Spa Prive - Pumice Stone W/Nail Brush
Spa Prive - Back Strap Bamboo
Spa Prive - Bouclé Bath Mitt
Spa Prive - Foot Paddle Bamboo
Spa Prive - Body Buffer
Spa Prive - Nail Brush
Bamboo Charcoal Pouf
Bamboo Charcoal Back Strap
Spa Privé - Face Brush
Bamboo Charcoal Bath Mitt

32 results

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