Bar Soap vs. Body Wash

The debate of bar soap versus body wash is one that has been around for years, and most of us are adamant that our way is the right way. Well, which one is actually better? We’re here to find out!

When it comes down to it, bar soap and body wash serve the same purpose. They get rid of all the sweat and dirt of the day and leave us feeling squeaky clean. To figure out which one is “better” we really need to break it down into 5 categories: effectiveness, sustainability, ingredients, hygiene, and cost.


Bar Soap: some people claim that bar soap isn’t effective when it comes to getting you clean. We think that depends on the type of bar soap you use. While basic bar soap may be good for a quick rinse off, it may take a heavier exfoliating soap to get off the grime. Pair your bar soap with a loofah or body mitt and you might be surprised at how well it cleans.

Body Wash: those who use body wash often feel it cleans better than bar soap, and maybe they are right. Body wash often includes exfoliants that help pull the grime off your body. Body wash can also be paired with a washcloth or loofah for extra scrubbing power.

Who’s the winner in effectiveness? We would say it’s a tie.


Bar Soap: one of the best things about bar soap is the minimal packaging. Many bar soaps are wrapped in a thin layer of plastic or paper or a cardboard box that can be recycled. Bar soap gets used up completely, meaning you don’t waste any product either!

Body Wash: an unfortunate factor of body wash is it’s packaging. Most body washes come in plastic bottles that may or may not be recyclable. These packages often hold residue from the body wash, causing you to throw away product.

Who’s the winner in sustainability? Bar soap is the clear winner here


Bar Soap: not all bar soaps are made equally. Just like any other products, there are some made with good ingredients and some made with harsh chemicals. You have to choose the bar soap that works best for your body.

Body Wash: just like bar soap, there are body washes made from all sorts of ingredients. There are organic body washes, and cheap ones made with harsh chemicals. Choose a body wash that fits your needs.

Who's the winner in ingredients? It's a tie.


Bar Soap: the “ick” factor is the biggest concern most people have with bar soap. It sits there all covered in germs! If you use a loofah and don’t place the soap directly on your body it won’t come in contact with the dirt. Rinsing your soap after use and using a quick-drying bar soap like this one also helps keep things cleaner.

Body Wash: a definite pro to body wash is that it seems to be more hygienic than bar soap because your soap is housed in a plastic bottle.

Who’s the winner in hygiene? We think body wash takes this one.


Bar Soap: the cost of bar soap can really vary depending on what you’re looking for. A simple bar soap can be purchased for just a dollar or two, while the world's most expensive soap is  $2,800! A great upside to bar soap is that it’s often cheaper than body wash. You can pay $6 for a bar of luxury soap, which is less than you’d pay for a simple bottle of Dove.

Body Wash: just like bar soap, body wash ranges in price. However, cheap body washes are often chalked full of chemicals and will strip your skin of it’s natural moisture. High-quality luxury body wash often retails for between $10 and $50!

Who’s the winner in cost? If quality is what you’re looking for, bar soap wins!

What’s the takeaway from this? And which one is better?

We’re sorry to disappoint, but neither is “better”. There’s a reason so many people love bar soap, and there’s a reason so many people love body wash. You have to decide what things matter the most to you and then decide which one makes more sense.

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