Better Skin in 4 Easy Steps

The weather is getting warmer and soon it will be time to showing a little more skin! Nobody wants dry, flaky skin, so make sure your skin is ready for spring with these four easy steps.


1. Clean - start your skin prep in the shower by getting it clean. Using a soap that's made with Shea Butter will give your skin the extra nourishment and hydration it needs while still getting it squeaky clean.

2. Exfoliate - during the winter our skin gets dry and now it's time to get rid of all that old, dead, dry skin. Using an exfoliating mitt or brush will help you prep your skin to soak up the moisture and make it silky soft.

3. Hydrate - the number one way to get better skin is to stay hydrated. This means drinking plenty of water and giving your skin some extra hydration through your body butters, moisturizers, and lotions. We suggest using a Shea body butter for optimal hydration. Shea also provides protection from UV rays!

4. Repair - you've washed and scrubbed and lathered on your hydrating creams, but the winter months can be harsh and you may have some spots that need some extra TLC (especially the feet.) Instead of just ignoring those spots it's time to repair them! Use a Shea Foot Cream to nourish, heal and repair your skin.


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