Creating a Tranquilizing Home Through Scent

If you’re looking to have a more tranquil, relaxing and inviting home, one of the main things to focus on is the smell. Scent is the first thing that hits us when we enter and home and it stays with us long after we leave. Having a home that smells good can change the way you and people in your life think of your home.

Clean Up

When your home is dirty, odd smells can linger in every room. Things like dirty dishes, dirty blankets, and smelly shoes can all contribute to that off-putting smell. When creating a tranquil home, the first thing you should do is clean up. Wash all textiles, vacuum and wipe down counters.

Let in Fresh Air

Now that your home is clean and free of icky smells, it’s time to get some good smells in. If the weather calls for it, open some windows to let fresh air in. If it is cold outside, you can try using a fan to circulate the air, but the best thing to do is get fresh crisp air into your home.

Subtle Scents

Most of us probably think a nice smelling home comes from candles, air fresheners and room sprays. These things are all helpful in creating a nice smelling atmosphere, (and we will get to them) but you have to think about the underlying scents as well. Consider the scent of your detergent, dish soap, and bathroom soap. These things are used often and leave behind a scent. Opt for clean smelling notes such as citrus or lavender in some areas and neutral notes like milk or sea salt in others.

Finish Strong

Here is where we get to the obvious scents. Burning candles, installing room fresheners and using diffusers are all great options for giving your home a yummy smell. Multi-note candles are great because they blend nicely with other smells and offer a variety of scents for the palette. Stone diffusers are a good choice because they can be left unattended or placed in areas and candle cannot go. Reed diffusers also give off a decent amount of scent and can be refilled for less waste.

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