Fall Scent Guide 2023


Scents of The Season: Fall

Now that the weather is getting colder, and the leaves are changing color, it's time to share our favorite Fall scents! We consulted with our brand and soap expert, Christia, and she gave us a list of her favorite scents for fall. When choosing these scents, she mentioned picking the perfect fall scent is about warmth, herbal tones, and spices. Fill your home with cozy moisturizing soap fragrances of Autumn with our top scents for the season.

Cashmere Woods: A warm, sweet blend of woody, spicy and earthy notes.
Spiced Balsam
Spiced Balsam: Ginger, spices and balsam wrapped in vanilla and sugar notes.
Vanilla Cognac
Vanilla Cognac: Rich and sensuous blend of vanilla cognac, warmed with cedarwood, spices, rose and apple. A touch of lemon is added for a gentle sparkle.
Black Currant French Soap Nar
Black Currant: This richly nuanced fragrance is a harmonious and sensual blend. Crisp tangerine and lemon are at the top while rose, magnolia, and apple mix with the unique essence of black currant. The base captures a smooth finish of vanilla, cedar and musk.
Spiced Rum French Soap Bar
Spiced Rum: Sweet and spicy blend with earthy warm undertones.
Sage French Soap Bar
Sage: A herb mixture with relaxing properties consisting of cedar leaf, cedarwood, fresh pine and earthy sage.
Green Tea French Soap Bar
Green Tea: An exotic base of green tea, spices and amber create a sensuous fragrance that is warm with a touch of tang.
Patchouli French Soap Bar
Patchouli: It is musky, earthy and woodsy and has delightful, sweet-herbaceous and spicy notes wrapped in, making a tremendously rich and deep scent. 
Pamper yourself with these Fall scents as well as all of our other authentic French Soaps and skincare products at predeprovence.com

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