Get Healthy Glowing Skin for Summer!

It's getting hot outside, the sun is shining and as of today it is officially summer! To celebrate the first day of summer we are giving you some foolproof ways to maintain healthy glowy summer skin!

Moisturize! The number one key to healthy glowy skin is keeping it moisturized. Hot weather and exposure to the sun can dry your skin out and that's the opposite of what we want this summer. 

Nourish! Give your skin the nutrients it needs to be healthy and beautiful we suggest using products infused with aloe and argan to maintain your glowy skin.

Hydrate! Keeping your body hydrated on the inside will keep it hydrated on the outside, so make sure you're drinking enough water this summer and if you think you are drinking enough, drink some more.

Exfoliate! Getting rid of that layer of dead skin will allow your healthy new skin to shine through. Choose from gentle exfoliating soaps or more intense exfoliating tools to find the perfect match for your skin.

Cover Up! We all love a good golden tan in the summer, and while it might look great right now, tanning is going to have negative effects on the health of your skin in the long run. Sunburns also have a negative effect on your skin so make sure you cover up and use sunscreen.

Be Confident! Summertime can be hard on your confidence. You're hot, you're sweating, you don't feel tan enough or thin enough and you've got to do so much shaving to keep your skin smooth and stubble free. Be confident in your body and in your skin and that confidence will shine through making you radiant as ever!


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