Introducing the Urbana Collection

We are so excited to introduce Pré de Provence's Urbana Collection. This artfully crafted collection features five gorgeous products to help you ease into relaxation; anytime, anywhere. With five decadent fragrances from the finest fragrance houses of France and Italy, the Urbana Collection will allow you to create a spa in the comfort of your home. Try one or mix and match and try them all. // Shop Urbana Collection Now 


The Scents

Citrus + Seed: Zesty and refreshing grapefruit, orange, cassis and muskat // Shop Citrus + Seed Now


Roots + Rain: Soothing green tea blended with citrus, rose, saffron and papyrus // Shop Roots + Rain Now


Salt + Sand: Soft mix of floral and citrus with a splash of coconut and vanilla. // Shop Salt + Sand Now

Sun + Sky: Invigorating floral and citrus notes with mango, thyme and sandalwood // Shop Sun + Sky Now


 Buds + Blooms: Fresh and floral with cedar, rose, ylang ylang, musk and amber. // Shop Buds + Blooms Now


The Products

Urbana Bath Salts: Soak in a bath infused with natural mineral salts from the caves of Sicily.


Urbana Room Spray: Fragrance your home with our delicately scented room spray.


Urbana Mini Candles: Create ambiance and warmth with a divinely scented soy candle. Burn time: 10+ hours.


Urbana Shea Butter Enriched Soap: Add moisture to skin with shea and coconut butters and almond oil.


Urbana Ceramic Stone Diffuser + Fragrance: Slowly diffuse fresh fragrance in any space with the ceramic stone.


We believe that experiencing natural beauty should be an everyday, affordable luxury, and every product should be as authentically French as Pré de Provence. Explore more tantalizingly delicious products at!

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