Spring Scent Guide

Warm weather means it's time to bust out the Spring scents! Spring is a beautiful time of year filled with fresh flowers and blossoming trees. Bring some of that beauty into your home with our top six favorite scents for Spring!

Starflower: this delightful scent is a classic fan favorite in the Heritage Soap line. This fruity and floral scent is perfect for Springtime.

Lime Zest: it's sweet, it's sour and it's downright amazing. This scent is perfect for Spring with its citrusy zing and exfoliating properties. 

Peony: this classic scent is a year-round favorite but is essential for Spring. From its pale pink color to its sweet floral undertones, Peony is the perfect Spring scent. 

Sweet Lemon: this delicately sweet lemon fragrance is perfect for Springtime. It's reminiscent of a lemonade stand on a warm Spring day!

Lavender: this scent is a French classic and loved year-round. Its aromatic floral scent is perfect for any time, especially Springtime!

Cucumber: this fresh clean scent will leave you feeling revitalized and refreshed. Crisp cucumber is a delightful scent for everyday use in the Spring.


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