Summer Scent Guide

Summer is quickly approaching. Bring the sunshine and warm weather indoors with sweet, juicy scents. Here are some of our favorite scents for Summer from our Heritage Soap collection.

Coconut: warm and breezy like the tropical islands, Coconut is the perfect scent for Summer! Whisk yourself away to a luxurious oasis with this creamy soap.

Argumes: this delightful citrus fruit scent is cheerful and fruity just like Summer. Its delicious smell is sure to put a smile on your face.

Sea Salt: airy, marine and aquatic, the Sea Salt soap bar is reminiscent of luxurious white beaches and Summer days! 


Angel's Trumpet: floral and fragrant, Angel's Trumpet is a wonderful summer scent. This delightful scent will bring the sunshine into your routine.


Raspberry: nothing shouts summer like a sweet, sticky raspberry! Bring this Summer staple into your home with our fresh Raspberry soap.

Lemongrass: this clean, energizing, citrus scent is scented with lush lemongrass and provides a delightful zingy flavor perfect for those hot days. 


Find these Summer scents as well as other delicious scents for every occasion at! Pré de Provence is your one-stop shop for all authentic European soaps, skincare products and more!

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