Take Luxury On The Go!

Traveling can be exhausting especially if you have to live out of a suitcase and sleep in an unfamiliar place. There is no reason you should leave all the luxury of home behind when you travel. That's why we have travel sized items!

Bring the luxury of home (and the luxury of France) with you wherever you go.



Soap is essential when traveling! Bring along your very own mini soaps and have that luxurious lather you love. Mini soaps are also a great soap to have on hand for guests when traveling to see you!
Create your own travel spa! A complete selection of natural bath & personal products to enhance your at home or on the go spa experience. 
Hand Purifying Gels & Wipes
Taking cues from our favorite scents and colors in nature we developed our stylish collection of hand sanitizers and individually packaged wipes. Our hand purifying gels are made to add extra moisture and soften skin. 
Compact Hand Creams
Keep skin feeling moisturized and hydrated with travel sized hand cream sets and keep skin feeling silky soft. Don't let your skin suffer while you travel!
Bella Shower Gels & Moisturizers
Discover our new world of glycerin soaps. It absorbs and locks in oxygen offering anti-aging benefits. Distilled for purity, these soaps offer a luxurious lather that will leave skin dewy and soft. 
Travel Sized Bath Salts
Enjoy the luxuries of home wherever you may be and soak your travel worries away with travel sized bath salts! Also great to have on hand for guests who may want a nice soak!
Pré de Provence has all your travel sized needs to ensure you can take luxury on the go no matter where life takes you. 

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