Step-by-Step Winter Skin Survival Guide

Keep your skin feeling soft and moisturized all winter long with our Shea Butter Collection.

Winter is coming. Don't let dry skin sneak up on you. Do yourself a favor and come prepared with our Shea Butter Collection. Shea butter is a unique gift from nature that is ultra rich, yet gentle, providing deep healing, moisturizing, and protection of skin, hair, cuticles, and lips.

Your winter survival guide starts right here, broken down simply just for you with a winter skin care routine for dry skin and winter beauty products to use. 

Step 1: Moisturize Your Hands

It's no secret that dry hands are popular during colder seasons. To combat this side effect of winter, treat your hard working hands with our rich, skin caring 20% Shea Butter hand creams.

Here's the deal...

You should be applying hand lotion several times a day during the winter, especially since warm showers and washing your hands dries your skin out even more than usual when it's cold. You're in luck because we offer several different winter skin care products for dry hands. You can choose from lavender, original, and verbena. Don't want to choose? Take them all with our Midnight Garden Hand Cream Trio.

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Step 2: Stop Dry Skin in its Tracks with 100% Pure Shea Butter

If dry skin is something you often struggle with and winter just adds fuel to the fire, we recommend our 100% Pure Shea Butter for nourishing, soothing, and healing. Apply it wherever--face, feet, hair--anywhere that needs attention. 

How can you actually use this?

We suggest applying 100% Pure Shea Butter to your face twice a day during the colder months in order to keep your skin smooth and soft. Apply to your feet before bed, after showering or whenever you feel is necessary. 

Step 3: Address Problem Areas Head On

Get rejuvenated this winter with body butter that you can apply wherever, especially problem areas like elbows and knees. Get instant dry skin relief. These are the places that are often forgotten and under-prioritized, but in winter everything is fair game. 

Try it in lavender or unscented. If you want just a little Shea Butter added to your daily life, try our 20% Shea Handcut Soap in lavender and original


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Step 4: Share the Joy

Don't forget the men in your life who may need a little extra something to get them through this winter. We offer Shea Butter beard oils infused with organic sunflower oil, liquid shea butter, sweet almond oil, and vitamin E. Keep that beard soft and shiny during No Shave November.We also offer quad-milled moisturizing Sage Cube Soap.    

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There you have it-- A full winter skin care routine for dry skin and the best winter skin care products.

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