Soap on a Rope - Men's No.63

$ 14.99

Soap on a Rope - Men's No.63 (200g)

Get a grip! Shea Butter enriched 'Soap on a Rope' lathers gently, cleansing skin. Messy soap trays are eliminated. And soap dries faster and lasts longer. Happy Sudsing!

 Our large 200 g bar of soap just got easier to handle, loop on your wrist to prevent the soap from falling to the floor, hanging the bar will allow it to dry faster and last longer, messy soap trays are eliminated

Our line of No. 63 soap has a peppery, citrus top note rounded by woody cedar, juicy plum and violet leaves that finish into an ambery base of leather and tobacco, get a grip and try our soap on a rope today

Order today to enjoy our men's No. 63 Pre de Provence soap on a rope, this luxurious shea butter enhanced soap creates a rich, creamy lather to moisturize and soften your skin, great for sensitive skin

Boxed soap on a rope makes the perfect gift for those off to college, honoring a birthday, having a wedding shower, celebrating Christmas, or thinking of dad on Father's day, this unique gift is sure to keep the recipient smelling delightful

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