Spa Prive - Body Buffer

$ 6.99

Create a spa in the comfort of your own home. A complete selection of natural bath and personal care products to enhance your private spa moments. Use alone or with your favorite Urbana scent collection for a more comprehensive experience.

Includes 1 body buffer, colors will vary from order to order.  

This set of 3 loofahs in assorted colors of cream, grey, and pink. Keep your skin smooth and youthful with our body buffer loofah.

Fresh skin everyday with regular cleansing and exfoliating - simple yet effective with our soft mesh bath loofahs.

These fun shower scrubbie loofahs come in sets of three, purchase enough for the whole family; Kids love the rich lather these shower puffs generate and is perfect for young sensitive skin; Stimulate your skin with our shower loofahs.

Our shower poof loofahs are perfect for soft sensitive skin. Each comes with a loop for safe keeping and allows to dry completely in between uses creating longer lasting bath loofah.

Pamper your loved ones; Pair our natural unbleached pumice stone with our other spa products to make a lovely gift.

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