Spa Prive - Exfoliating Gloves

$ 6.99

You will receive one pair of either the white, pink, or gray colored gloves. Slip on before you bathe for dry exfoliating; removing dry skin will allow you a deeper clean; Use them with your favorite cleanser while you shower as an all over body exfoliator; apply moisturizing lotion directly after.

Used daily these gloves will improve circulation; unclog pores; remove dry skin; prevent acne; increase overall cell turnover; there are so many benefits to an exfoliating body scrub; Daily skin care promotes even skin tone.

Spa gloves work as an exfoliating washcloth for your face and body; Feel your skin tingling; becoming smooth and polished; To get truly clean; an exfoliating body wash is a must dead skin remover for face and body; you will love the results.

Exfoliating skin before moisturizing allows lotions and oils to penetrate deeper into your skin; so it is able to lock in skin care benefits and moisture much more effectively; Stop struggling with dry itchy skin.


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