9 French Skincare Tips

Here’s 9 skincare and makeup routine tips we’ve gathered from French beauties who’s skin is glowing and healthy. Incorporate one or add them all and see the difference a little French-style skincare can have.

Know when to switch up your routine: It can be very tempting to find a routine that works and stick with it. It’s important to adjust your routine according to the season and when you are traveling. Doing so will ensure that your skin gets the moisture it needs for the climate it is in. Get some insider tips for French beauty Julie Drean in this interview with Vichy Laboratories.

Be careful with your skin: Our skin is much more sensitive than some of the other skin on our bodies, and we have to treat it gently. Never wash your face with a towel that has been run through the wash. Why? It’s covered in detergents and perfumes. Opt for cotton pads or rolls that are free of all those chemicals. This tip, as well as other info on being gentle on your skin, can be found in this article featuring Tova Hanifin, founder and president of French beauty brand Atoi Skincare.

Simplify your routine: According to Verily Magazine, it’s important to pare down your skincare routine. Lathering every lotion and potion on your skin can cause breakouts and a whole host of other issues. Find simple products that work for you and it will make your routine both quicker and cheaper while being healthier for your skin.

Make it a habit: With a simple skincare routine, it might feel easy to skip it altogether. French beauties make sure to stick to their routine every day regardless of how tired they feel. Take it as a moment to take care of yourself. You’ve had a long hard day, now wash all of that way!

Rethink water: In America using tap water on your face seems like the obvious choice, but if you want to start cleaning your face the Parisian way, get some micellar water to use as a gentle cleansing agent. Who knows...it might mean the world of difference for your skin!

Turn to your roots: Well technically they aren’t your roots unless you’re from France in which case Bonjour! French women are not afraid of a little homemade skincare. Opting for natural ingredients such as eggs, honey, and lemon to bring out their natural beauty. If you aren’t quite up for some homemade skincare products try some natural products made in Provence!

Go au-naturel: You will find tons of French women who minimal makeup or no makeup at all. Packing on the foundation leaves your pores clogged, your skin heavy and your complexion dull. If you’re going to wear makeup, be sure to prep your face first giving it a good dose of moisture and keep it simple.

Focus on one feature at a time: In America, we love a full contour, smokey eye and bold lip, which looks great on the Kardashians but is frankly making us look older than we really are. A full face of makeup really only looks good on camera, so tone it down for everyday life. In France women typically focus on one thing and make that pop. Want a red lip? Skip the eyeshadow and just add a swipe of mascara. Want to rock a killer cat eye? Go with a nude lip and brows set with gel.

Embrace what makes you unique: The most important thing we can learn from the beautiful women of France is to embrace what makes us unique. Do you have full thick brows? Embrace them. Use some gel to tame them and let them frame your face. Do you have a gap tooth? Rock that red lipstick! Do you have freckles? Don’t hide them under a gallon of concealer. Embrace what makes you...you, because it makes you beautiful.

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