9 Must See Place in France

France is a beautiful, magical place with so many things to see. You could spend a year in France and not see all the beauty it has to offer. We wanted to help you narrow it down to some of the must-see places in France that aren’t Paris.

Don’t get us wrong Paris is gorgeous and enthralling, and we hope you’ll go there, but here’s some other places to visit that are just as breathtaking!

Mont Saint-Michel Abbey is the perfect place to be completely engrossed in France’s natural beauty. There are delightful restaurants and stores, but also places to enjoy the stunning views of the ocean and the landscape of this Normandy region city.

Château de Versailles is a quick 40-minute train ride from downtown Paris. This quintessential French palace is home to gorgeous architecture and stunning landscaping. It’s a sight you don’t want to miss.

Lourdes if architecture and beautiful buildings are something that interests you, you must visit Our Lady of Lourdes in the busy city of Lourdes. People are drawn to the spot world wide because the waters are believed to have “healing” powers. The building itself is gorgeous and a real sight to see.

The French Riviera is made up of some lovely cities and small villages as well as gorgeous views and beautiful beaches. The stunning blue water is sure make you want to bask in the sun for days. The Riviera is abundant in luxurious experiences, as well as some of the true charm of France.

Lyon draws people in from all over for their delicious local cuisine. The restaurants of Lyon serve amazing delicacies that you don’t want to miss. Lyon is also a fantastic place for shopping. Some people even say that they prefer Lyon over Paris...but we think you should visit both!

Strasbourg is a cosmopolitan city located between France and Germany, giving it a real international feel. The city is a 2 hour train ride from Paris, making it a perfect day or weekend trip. Strasbourg is also headquarters for the European Parliament.

Ussel is a beautifully remote hilltop community. This isn’t the place to go for bustling nightlife or high-end French fashions. Ussel is perfect for taking in the views on a long walk, enjoy a piping cup of coffee at a local cafe or meeting some local people.

Amiens is home to one of France’s many gorgeous gothic cathedrals.It is one of the largest medieval churches in the world and is truly jaw-dropping. Fun Fact: Jules Verne lived in Amiens for the last two decades of his life and his home is now a museum filled with things sure to delight his fans.

Provence is, of course, our favorite place in France. Provence is a truly breathtaking place in the south of France. You can stroll through the lovely streets, or explore lavender fields in the country. Provence is home to rolling vineyards and pine forests, and of course the Pré de Provence factory!


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