How to Maintain Healthy Summer Skin

No one wants to be covering up in the hot weather. It’s time for shorts and dresses and that means you want your skin to look and feel it’s best. During the summertime, your skin experiences heat, sand, sea salt, chlorine and excessive shaving. Here are some ways you can keep that silky soft feeling all summer long and have healthy radiant skin.



The number one way to keep your skin soft and silky is to stay hydrated. Drinking enough water is SO important for your health in every way. By drinking more than the recommended amount of water you are providing your skin with the moisture it needs from the inside.



When it comes to your arms and legs there’s nothing more helpful than a good exfoliation. Use an exfoliating tool like these ones found here to help get rid of all that dead, dry skin. You can also use an exfoliating soap for a softer exfoliation. Exfoliating your legs will also make shaving much easier and your legs will feel silky soft.



Now that your skin is all prepped and ready to go, don’t forget to moisturize. The dead skin is gone and you have nice fresh skin just waiting to soak up some moisture. Apply a hydrating body butter all over and make sure to let it soak in before hitting the beach. Don’t forget to moisturize your face as well!


Use Sunscreen


All skin is different, some people tan, some people burn and others develop freckles. No matter what type of skin you have, you need to protect it from the sun. Use SPF daily in the summer (even on cloudy days) to ensure your skin stays healthy. Don't forget to reapply sunscreen as recommended and even use it under your makeup.

Limit Time in the Sun


In addition to using SPF, you need to make sure that you aren’t overexposing yourself to the sun. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of sunbathing and catching some rays, however, you have to do it in moderation. Give your body a break once an hour and pop into the shade. Limiting your time in direct sunlight will allow your body to cool down and give your skin a little break.

Wear a Hat


Wearing a hat is super important in the summer and can cut down tremendously on your chances of developing skin cancer. Your head is a very sensitive area and we often forget that UV Rays are hitting our scalps between our hairs. A hat will protect both your head and your face from sunburn. Wearing a hat also keeps your face looking nice and smooth because the harsh heat isn’t directly affecting it.

Wash Off


It seems like after a long day in the pool, lake or ocean your body should be nice and clean right? Wrong. When swimming in any body of water, you’re being exposed to chemicals, dirt, and bacteria. Don’t let that keep you from having fun, but just make sure to wash off after you’re done and use a hydrating soap or body wash to do so.


Treat Damaged Skin Properly 


A little skin damage during the summer is bound to happen, and when it does, taking care of it properly will help you maintain healthy skin in the long run. Make sure to sooth sunburns with pure aloe vera and avoid taking hot showers. Do not exfoliate sunburnt skin and try to keep it covered. Once the burn is healed, use soothing lotion to help the skin back to a healthy state. If you notice any unusual moles or sun spots, have them checked out by a dermatologist. 


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