Why You Should Try Bar Soap!

Bar soap vs. body wash, it's an age-old debate and most people are firmly on one side or the other. Here's why you should give bar soap a chance.

Bar Soap comes in a Variety of Scents

When shopping for body wash, there are a lot of brands you can choose from. However, it always seems like the scent options are limited. When purchasing bar soap you (especially online) you will have WAY more options and maybe even some new scents you've never heard of!


Bar Soap is Portable

One of the best things about bar soap is how portable it is. Bar soaps range from travel size to jumbo bars and typically come wrapped in plastic or paper. That means you can easily throw a new bar into your purse, suitcase or makeup bag when traveling. Bar soap isn't a liquid so no need to worry about the size when flying.


Bar Soap is Eco-friendly and Cost Effective


Speaking of the packaging of bar soap, when you opt for bars over bottles you are disposing of much less plastic. Some bars are even wrapped in paper that can be recycled much easier than a large plastic bottle. When you have soap in a bottle, there always seems to be a bit left at the bottom you can never get. With bar soap, you can use it down to a sliver and then just stick it on to your new bar! Never waste soap again.


No matter why you pick bar soap, and no matter what you use it for (hands, face, feet, body or shaving) we know you will enjoy it if you just give it a shot. Head over to www.predeprovence.com and pick up some quad-milled French soaps today!

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