Spa Prive - Foot Paddle Bamboo

$ 14.99

Designed without harsh rough edges and wooden handle for ease and comfort; keep your pumice stone clean, dry and out of the way when not in use; Natural unbleached stone naturally infused with magnesium and iron.

Use pumice stone for feet elbows and hands; Light but gentle abrasive stone removes dead skin cells also works well for callus and corn removal; Keep skin healthy; cleanse and moisturize after exfoliating for best results.

Soak skin and pumice stone prior to using; Massaging skin with pumice stone is known to increase cell turnover; promote better circulation; restore skins natural tone and texture as well as a more natural corn and callus remover.

Exfoliating is an important for skin health; Removes dead skin prior to cleansing and moisturizing; Allowing a deeper clean for your skin and body to more effectively receive the benefits of oils and moisturizers.

Pamper your loved ones; Pair our natural unbleached pumice stone with our other spa products to make a lovely gift.


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