Our Favorite Ingredients

Our natural ingredients are the heart of our company. We pride ourselves on having spectacular scents inspired by some of nature's most gorgeous plants, fruits, and flowers.

Here are some of our absolute favorite ingredients and the products you can find them in!

Coconut is an amazing ingredient that creates an even more amazing scent. Coconut can transport you into a tropical paradise no matter where you are. Here are some of our favorite coconut products:

SALT + SAND COLLECTION // Soft mix of floral and citrus with a splash of coconut and vanilla.

MANGO + COCONUT LIQUID SOAP // A bit of sunshine blended with ripe, juicy mango and fresh, creamy coconut.

COCONUT QUAD-MILLED SOAP // Delicious, creamy, tropical, and gourmand.



Rose is a cult classic when it comes to scents and ingredients. The soft, sweet floral is found in many of our products. Here are some of our favorites:

ROSE DE MAI COLLECTION // Carefully crafted with our perfumes in Grasse, the Rose de Mai Collection captures the essence of a hundred fragrant petals that scent the air with glints of sunshine and green grass.

ROSE PETAL QUAD-MILLED SOAP // Classic scents of a full bloom rose.

BUDS + BLOOMS COLLECTION // Fresh and floral with cedar, rose, ylang ylang, musk and amber.



The bright, citrusy scent of oranges is a classic that we have infused in many of our Argan products. Here are some of our favorite orange products:

ARGAN SWEET ORANGE COLLECTION // Sweet Orange adds a burst of sunshine and Vitamin C to this nourishing Argan collection.

VIA MERCATO NO.8 COLLECTION // The No.8 Collection is deliciously warm and spicy.

VIA MERCATO NO.6 COLLECTION // The No.6 Collection is creamy and filled with fresh green floral scents.



Cucumber is fresh and crisp and an amazing ingredient that makes you feel sparkling clean. Here are some of our favorite cucumber infused products:

ALOE COLLECTION // Delicately scented with notes of fresh air and cucumber.

CUCUMBER QUAD-MILLED SOAP // This fresh clean soap will keep you feeling squeaky clean.


Lavender is a calming and relaxing scent which is an amazing ingredient in everything from soaps to lotions and candles. Here are some of our favorite products:

LAVENDER ARGAN COLLECTION // Argan oil combined with calming, herbaceous lavender oil, your skin is soothed and your well-being naturally calmed.

TAKE TWO LAVENDER TONKA // Creamy lavender with Shea Butter and exfoliating apricot kernels.

LAVENDER COLLECTION // The lavender collection is calming and refreshing with a product for every part of your life:



Figs are fun and fresh and they are an interesting and unique ingredient that you might overlook, but you should really give a chance. Here are some of our favs: 

MARSEILLE FIG + GRAPEFRUIT SOAP // A succulent blend of sun-drenched figs blended with juicy grapefruit. 

VIA MERCATO NO.7 COLLECTION // Peach, fig blossom and rose is sunny, fruity and floral. 


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